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In the event the back-up is a multi-wythe wall, wood back-up, steel stud, concrete back-up, block back-up, or tile back-up, replacement ties are available to add wall stiffness and re-anchor the masonry façade. Stone retrofit anchors are also capable to re-anchor granite, limestone, marble, travertine, and other stone materials to various back-up materials. Helical anchors, mechanical anchors, and mechanical stone anchors accomplish a façade stabilization process.


The longevity of masonry structures are a testimony of the durability and structural contribution the masonry provides. A common style of brick veneer construction exists using a metal stud back-up. Typically they are built with 1”-2” air space between the back of the brick and the face of stud. They can be constructed up to 30’ high when supported by foundation or consist of multiple stories supported by shelf angles.

  • Brick Veneer to Wood
  • Brick Veneer to Masonry
  • Stone Anchors
  • Flashing
  • Moisture Control
  • Custom Design


mapWith over 30 years of masonry construction and restoration experience, Construction Tie Products has built its reputation on its high quality parts and diverse product lines. We can help you reinforce existing brick or masonry facades, and also provide products for restorating veneers after earthquake or hurricane damage. Our experts have the knowledge and skills to coordinate with architects, engineers, contractors and owners and provide custom solutions for unique projects.

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